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If you (or your child) are studying the Spanish language in a classroom setting and want additional instruction, Spanish in Waterbury Center can help. We provide tutoring for individual students or small groups. Tutoring can help a student who has missed some classes or needs some extra help with a subject. It can also benefit the student who wants to go beyond what is covered in class, including Advanced Placement (AP) tutoring. We frequently have students that want to get ready for an upcoming college Spanish course or jump a level in high school. And, many students find they can learn more easily and progress rapidly with our personalized instruction. Online tutoring is also available.

We suggest that you contact us so we can discuss your specific needs.

One of our students cound not take Spanish at her regular high school for scheduling reasons, so we tutored her online, one hour per week during the school year. Later we got this update from her mom: "She had an evaluation by one of the Spanish teachers at the end of the school year and as a result, she was able to sign up for Spanish 4 next year. She learned so much with you this year and she is going into Spanish 4 with a much better foundation."

Advanced Placement (AP): Our Advanced Placement course of study for the Spanish Language has been approved by the College Board. If your school does not offer AP, we can help. Learn from a native speaker and plan a schedule that works for you, perhaps including summer study. Students planning to take the exam should plan their preparation for the preceding school year. Need extra help? We're here.

Read more about Advanced Placement classes at at the College Board web site and six reasons why AP classes matter at

Review our College Board approved syllabus.

Prices: The cost is $35 per hour for private tutoring, $28 per hour each for a class of two, $25 each for three and $21 for four or more. Instruction is individualized to meet your needs, and each meeting is arranged according to mutually agreeable times. Most people prefer to set up a regular schedule, making changes in advance as necessary for specific dates.

Students should plan to spend considerable time preparing for the AP exam. Our preparation time for this type of instruction is also considerable. For this reason, we quote prices individually, based on the type of learning program you are seeking.

Scheduling: Instruction is customized to fit your needs and so is scheduling. Each meeting is arranged according to mutually agreeable times. Most people prefer to set up a regular schedule, making changes as necessary for specific dates. Schedule adjustments provide flexibility and are usually confirmed meeting-to-meeting. Rescheduling is permitted with at least 24-hour advance notice.

Payment: For your first lesson, payment is due in advance by check, cash, or prior online payment so that we can reserve your time. After your first appointment, lessons must be purchased in advance in 6-lesson packages (exceptions on a case-by-case basis).

Students receive free password access to a variety of resources that can help them learn (at For Our Students). Save your book money - we loan books to students as applicable for use in connection their learning programs.

Learning a new language can be fun and rewarding. Our classes are enjoyable and you will find the time flies by.

How to Register: After we confirm a workable schedule, please provide us with your registration information. You may register and pay online or by mail, but we cannot reserve your appointment until we receive your registration and payment. We ask that a parent or legal guardian register on behalf of a student under age 18.

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We're serious about our instruction and your appointments and we hope you are too. Please read our Payment, Scheduling and Cancellation Policy.  

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We also offer private/customized instruction for adults.