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If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.   ~Nelson Mandela

Our Fall Small Group Class Announcement

We are expecting to announce and post our fall session of small group classes the week of August 8, with the classes beginning in September. Sign up for our SWC email list to get an email announcing the class session as soon as it is posted online. As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Classes are held online using Zoom live video conferencing, so we are face-to-face and highly interactive. Meet with us, socialize online and learn a new language in fun classes.

When the time comes for that trip to a Spanish-speaking country, you'll be ready. Not to mention that learning Spanish also expands job marketability and personal horizons, improves brain fitness and teaches about a vibrant culture. It's about much more than classes, it's buying fresh fish in a market in Mexico, chatting with a guide in one of Costa Rica's national parks, or ordering food at a local street fair in Spain. Smiling and personally connecting with someone from another culture changes everything.

Just wondering if this kind of trip is your thing? Take a look at our travel and culture page and see what you think.

Sounds good -- take me to the small group class page

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Changes in services due to Coronavirus

Due to the coronavirus situation, all our in-person classes at our Waterbury Center facility are currently being held online. This change is for everyone's health and safety and we appreciate your understanding and support. While we love interacting in person with our students, the video conferencing works really well. We realize that some of you prefer to stay with the online format, and that will be a consideration as we decide what to do when the COVID situation improves.

We started doing online instruction well before COVID and it has a number of advantages. If you are interested in learning Spanish online via video conferening, please take a look at our services and contact us if you have questions.

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Traveling to Spain this summer?
Make your trip better with Spanish!

COVID has not entirely gone away, but with the vaccines and testing, more people are traveling again. There are still some good deals to be had, especially if your plans can be flexible. Depending on the airline and type of ticket, one option is to book your flight well in advance and then cancel or reschedule later if you decide to postpone. Airlines will often give you a credit that you can use on a future flight. Be aware that basic economy tickets usually cannot be changed, although sometimes with a phone call they will give you a break.

If you're planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country, learning even a little Spanish will make your trip way more enjoyable. Most Americans don't speak a second language, so if you do, even a little, the locals will treat you differently. You can get a quick prep before you go with our Spanish for Travelers lesson package, including four hours of instruction. We'll teach you the things that travelers need, so you can communicate and connect. And, we'll practice speaking together so you'll be ready when you get off the plane. Or perhaps you're not in a hurry and prefer to learn Spanish in more depth? Check out our personal instruction and small group classes.

San SebastianMany of our students are studying Spanish because of their travels, which have included Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico and Spain. We don't know anybody that didn't have a fantastic trip. Does this sound good but you don't know where to start? Ask us in class and we can point you in the right direction for what you want. Chances are you'll find the trip that's just right for you.

Dear SWC,
I am planning a vacation to Spain this summer (at last!). I know zilch for Spanish and I really want to be able to talk with the people there. I know it would make my trip a totally different experience. But, my schedule is crazy. What can I do to learn some Spanish in a hurry?
Sincerely, Hope

Dear Hope,
You’d be surprised how far even a little bit of Spanish can take you. And, you'll score a lot of points just for effort. There are a lot of words that are almost the same in Spanish as in English, so relax…you can learn a lot and have fun doing it. We have three options that could work with your schedule. Our Spanish for Travelers "Travel-Ready" lesson package provides four hours of instruction specifically designed to get beginners like you ready for their trip. Another option is private instruction for as many hours as you prefer. Lessons are scheduled to your convenience and tailored to your pace and needs.Our group classes are also a possibility. Give us a try and turn your trip into “unforgettable!”
Have fun, SWC

Let us help you begin your journey of exploring a new culture, its people and their language. To our students traveling to Spanish-speaking countries, we trust that your lessons with us are paying off. You may want to check out our library of articles about travel and culture -- no charge.

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Our Student Travelers

Beth took our Beginning 1 class and kindly sent us this note:

I just wanted to thank Natalia for the Spanish lessons over the summer. We just returned from 10 days in Mexico and we were able to get around with my basic Spanish. Just being able to say hola, gracias, de nada, buenos días, etc was helpful. And I could put together a basic question such as "donde está la playa?" and make myself understood.  We bought a fish to cook from a fisherman's cooperative and they spoke no English.  "Quiero comprar un pescado" got us through as did "no cabeza" so they would cut off the head. We really loved Mexico.

Many of our students have come to us after their first trip to a Spanish-speaking country. They had such a good time that they're going back and want to be able to speak with the people in their native language. It completely changes your travel experience. We have a lot of students who travel regularly to Spanish-speaking countries and know how much difference it makes when you converse with people in their native tongue.

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Are You Receiving our Emails and Articles?

We started our email list to let you know about upcoming sessions, but we also include short articles on various Spanish language and culture topics. You can now find much of this informative content on our website under Articles on the menu. This library includes the Furthering Fluency series, which covers various aspects of language learning, and language-technology info you won't find anywhere else. And you'll want to check out our learning tips; they'll help you immerse yourself in Spanish while you're still at home. The mailing list is free; sign up now!

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Spanish in Waterbury Center in its 16th Year

We began our classes in 2007, the same year the iPhone came out. We are beginning our 16th year and our spring 2022 small group class session will be our 59th! We would like to thank all our customers for making it possible for us to offer Spanish instruction here in the Green Mountains. When we see students who began learning Spanish with us who are now speaking wonderfully, it all seems worthwhile! And the same goes for the kids, who love learning Spanish and progress so rapidly. We continue to make improvements each year, and the quality is the best. ¡Muchas gracias!

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Technology in the Classroom and Online

We have free, fast wi-fi for our students. There are some great apps including Spanish-English dictionaries and verb conjugation tools that can be handily accessed on a smartphone or tablet, as an aid during routerclass. We also have a flat-panel TV that allows us to use our network and online resources to make classes better than ever. We increased our wi-fi speed several times. Since we are now doing our classes online, we have added to our tech gear to make sure we're sending out a strong signal and taking advantage of available tools. You should also find that our website loads quickly.

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La Ñapa: Yabebiri

Check out these extras, located in "Articles" on the menu. We are proud to include cuentos and poesia written by our students. And, listen to the audio story in Spanish, produced by the Advanced class.  La Ñapa

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Practice Spanish on the Go:

Practice is important, but how to fit it into your schedule? Audio practice! We provide our beginning students with a free audio MP3 recordings that cover the same material as our beginning textbook. Listen in your car, on the bus, during lunch, while working around the house or yard -- whatever works for you. This will help you get the pronunciation right while saving time. Also, check out our learning tips for other ways to amp up your learning -- free, quick and fun.

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Recursos para Alumnos:

Spanish for "Resources for Students," Recursos is a page specifically for our enrolled students. Here, students will be able to access a variety of resources that will assist them in learning Spanish. Included are web sites, apps, verb conjugation tables, learning tips, how to set up your computer for Spanish, our own MP3 recordings and more. Registered students can access this page from For Our Students.

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Homeschooling & Lessons for Children:

It’s amazing how quickly young children pick up a second language. Natalia is terrific with kids! We schedule daytime instruction at mutually agreeable times. See Lessons for Children for more information.

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We help students catch up after a problem semester or year at school, or get ready to jump a level. For students that need some extra help or want to go beyond what is covered in class. Every summer we have students that want to get ready for a college Spanish course in the fall, or jump a level in high school. See Tutoring for Students.

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For Your Profession:

We provide private classes for professionals who need to learn Spanish and the specific vocabulary of their profession (such as medical, construction, farming, tourism, travel). Or perhaps you're a teacher that needs help prep'ing for the Praxis exam (Spanish for Teachers) . We'll design the course to fit your profession, level, and schedule. Please contact us for more information.

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Need Something Else?   ¿Otra Cosa?

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, by all means let us know. We are always trying to adjust our offerings to respond to our customers' needs. We also do private and customized small group instruction.

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