Spanish for Travelers

Make your trip unforgettable! Get ready your trip to a Spanish-speaking country with Spanish instruction from Spanish in Waterbury Center. Our Travel-Ready Lesson Package will give you the essentials of Spanish that you’ll want for your trip, so you'll be ready when your plane lands. Your trip will be way more memorable – we promise! We know people who took an impulse trip to Mexico or Costa Rica, and it changed their lives. You could be one.

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.   ~Nelson Mandela

Our Travel-Ready Lesson Package may be just what you're looking for if our regular class session is more than you need. This four-hour private instruction package is for individuals or groups who want to learn Spanish language basics for their trip to a Spanish-speaking country.

Our objective is to familiarize you with the basics important for traveling, so that you can communicate with the aid of a phrasebook or pocket note cards for reference. You will learn the things that travelers need for everyday situations, including correct pronunciation, greetings, asking directions, shopping, ordering at the restaurant, using public transportation and more. We'll have you practice saying the things you'll need to say during your trip so when the time comes, you'll say it with confidence and pronounce it correctly. We'll also teach you cultural dos and don'ts. Cool, relaxed, ready.

We designed this course for beginners and those that know just a little Spanish. We adapt our instruction to fit your level and needs. Lessons adding up to four hours will be scheduled to your convenience. If you are not a beginner or are looking for more than just a trip short course, consider instead our private instruction or small group classes. They are designed to teach you the Spanish language.

We do our classes live and online using Zoom, which means audio/video, in-app messaging and screen/file sharing. There is no charge for using Zoom other than the Internet service you probably already have. Background information about online classes and what you need

The package includes all the following:

Package prices are shown below.

Travel-Ready Package Pricing
# of People in Group Price per Person
1 $220
2 $176
3 $152
4 or more $132

Scheduling: Instruction is customized to fit your needs and so is scheduling. Each meeting is arranged according to mutually agreeable times. We usually break the four hours into three meetings (two at 1.5 hours each and one at 1 hour), although this can vary to meet your needs. Rescheduling is permitted with at least 24-hour advance notice.
Note: We recommend that you contact us prior to registering so that we can confirm scheduling that will meet your needs.

Payment: Payment for the package is due at least 48 hours before your scheduled class time. Your payment reserves your time, so the earlier the better.

Students receive free password access to a variety of resources that can help them learn (at For Our Students).

Learning a new language can be fun and rewarding. Our classes are enjoyable and you will find the time flies by.

How to Register: To register online, click the button below for our online registration form and then online payment.

Please also read our Payment & Refund Policy.

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What a difference it makes…
Language is much more than just a code for information exchange. Our language is very much a part of our culture and who we are. By speaking with others in their native tongue, we step through a portal into their world and establish a different connection. If you are an English speaker and you engage a native Spanish speaker in conversation in her/his own language, you will find that the dynamic of the interaction is completely different. And to a great extent, it is more about the effort than how well you speak the language. Many of our students have told us about their encounters speaking with the local people and how it completely changed their travel experience.

After studying with us, our students have traveled to the following Spanish-speaking countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico and Spain.

We also offer private/customized instruction for adults.