Spanish for Teachers

Are you a Spanish teacher who would like to improve your Spanish, working with an experienced native speaker/teacher?

Yes, we work with teachers one-to-one. We're right here in Vermont and can accommodate your schedule needs so that you can learn without the travel associated with far away courses. We do live online classes (audio-video using your computer and Zoom) so you don't even have to travel. You can schedule instruction with us to mesh with your teaching schedule, either during the school year or in the summer. Your needs, your level, your pace, your schedule.

Your professional development and recertification: If your school contributes toward your continuing education, chances are your instruction with us can qualify for payment by your school. Need to prep for the Praxis exam? We've got you covered.

Scheduling: Instruction is customized to fit your needs and so is scheduling. Each meeting is arranged according to mutually agreeable times. Most people prefer to set up a regular schedule, making changes as necessary for specific dates. Schedule adjustments provide flexibility and are usually confirmed meeting-to-meeting. Rescheduling is permitted with at least 24-hour advance notice.

Prices: The cost is $55 per hour for individual instruction, $44 per hour each for a group of two, $38 each for three and $33 for four or more. A 90-minute individual class is $82.50.

Payment: Lessons must be purchased in advance in 6-lesson packages. Payments must be received at least 48 hours before your scheduled class time. We accept payment online via PayPal, so you know it’s safe.

You will receive free password access to our online learning resources (at For Our Students). We also maintain a collection of short novels written for students at specific learning levels, as well as other books, that we loan to students in connection their learning programs.

How to Register: Before registering, be sure to contact us to verify that we have space available. After we confirm a schedule, please register and pay online. We will then confirm and reserve your appointment.

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We're serious about our instruction and your appointments and we hope you are too. Please read our Payment, Scheduling and Cancellation Policy.  

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We also offer tutoring for students.