Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q – How do I sign up?
A – First, please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions about our offerings or Spanish in Waterbury Center. Signing up is easy; you can do it all online [How to Register]. If you are signing up for a class, we encourage you to enroll early as classes do fill up. Your payment reserves your place in class.

Q – Can I enroll online and pay with my credit card?
A – Yes. SWC makes it easy to pay. We accept payment by check or online via PayPal, so you know it’s safe. You do not need a PayPal account, and you can pay with a credit card, debit card, or bank account transfer.

Q - What are your prices?
A - Some language schools don't list their prices on their websites. We think you'll want to know so we list our prices on the web pages for each service we offer.

Q – How do I know which class is right for me?
A – Our course levels are described on the web page [Course Levels]. If you are uncertain, we recommend that you contact us and we can help you choose. If you decide later that your class is too hard or too easy, you are free to switch to a different level. Another option is private instruction.

Q - I have a trip to a Spanish-speaking country coming up and I'd like to learn a little Spanish before I go. What are my options?
A - There are several, depending on your time frame and level of interest. We have a Spanish for Travelers "Travel-Ready" Lesson Package designed specfically for pre-trip preparation. Some people prefer private lessons with us, and our adult group classes are another option. We find that our students' hunger to learn Spanish increases after a trip, when they see how much difference even a little Spanish makes.

Q – What age groups are your classes for?
A – The scheduled group class offerings are primarily for adults. However, we also offer student tutoring and can arrange customized classes. 

Q – I would like to learn Spanish but I’m not good at languages. Do you have a course like “Spanish for Dummies?"
A – We hear this from time to time. Really, anyone can learn a foreign language. If you’re interested and make an effort, you can do it. Our classes are small so we won’t leave you behind. Or if you prefer, take a private class with us.

Q – Do you teach your group classes entirely in Spanish?
A – That depends on the course level. We find that beginners have a hard time understanding a class taught in Spanish, and advance more rapidly when the basics are explained in English. Further, grammar explanations must be very clear and this is best achieved through at least partial use of English. We teach more and more in Spanish as students are ready for it, as described for each level. Personal instruction is matched to you. In all cases, we try to maximize your immersion with Spanish while keeping things understandable for you.

Q – What happens if a class has low enrollment?
A – In the event that a class is under-enrolled, we may need to modify our advertised course schedule. We are almost always able to accommodate everyone, but sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary. If such a change is not to your satisfaction and you cannot attend, we will provide a full refund upon request.  

Q – What if I will be away and know that I will miss some of the group classes?
A – You can attend one or more of our other classes as a make-up, if the level fits for you. We'll also keep you informed on weekly homework. Lots of students miss a class or two and are fine by putting in some extra self-study time. Some students have taken a private class or two in order to not be behind after an absence of 2-3 weeks.

Q – My schedule does not permit me to attend class every week. Are there other options?
A – We often suggest private instruction for people who have difficult schedules. This is distinct from our group classes in that the instruction can be more individualized, and each meeting is arranged according to mutually agreeable times. More information: Private Instruction.

Q – What is your refund policy?
A – Click here to go to our Group Class Payment, Refund & Attendance Policy or our Private Lesson Payment, Scheduling and Cancellation Policy.Our special classes such as Spanish for Travelers have their own policies which can be found on the web page for the class.

Q – I have time to attend classes but little time to study outside of class. How much studying outside of class is needed?
A – If you study more, you will advance more quickly. For most of our classes, you should plan on spending 1-2 hours weekly on homework involving reading and exercises. Homework is important to help you remember and assimilate the material we cover in class and is important to advancing each week. It's necessary.

Q – I would like Spanish lessons but I need something different from your regular classes.
A – Contact us and we'll discuss your needs and suggest something. For some people, private lessons work best, and we tailor those to fit your needs.

Q – How can I get more practice speaking?
A – Practice is critical for learning to speak, and this is best accomplished through conversation. You can practice with others you know who speak Spanish or are learning. Traveling to a Spanish-speaking country is a great way to improve. Watching movies with Spanish subtitles or dialogue is another fun opportunity to practice. You may also enjoy the free program Check out our articles for more suggestions. Our technology webpage includes helpful write-ups about using Netflix, podcasts, e-books and more to learn Spanish.

We include practice speaking and beginning conversation as part of our beginning classes and considerable conversation in our Intermediate and Advanced classes.Our students receive free access to our online resources, Recursos para Alumnos. Speaking in class is very important as we help you correct errors rather than turn them into bad habits.

Q – Can I learn Spanish using software such as Rosetta Stone?
A – A number of our students have come to us after first trying one of the computer programs for learning Spanish. These can be useful practice and support tools, but live instruction works best and is more fun. We agree with Therese Sullivan Caccavale, president of the National Network for Early Language Learning, who said, “Interactive learning is the best since language learning is a social activity. Many online courses and software programs do offer interactive learning. However, no one can really take the place of a classroom teacher, because a teacher can recast a question and engage students in dialogue to get them to re-think or more readily understand concepts by using a variety of modalities to illustrate their applications.” You will enjoy our classes and begin speaking right away. If you are considering purchasing language learning software or an app, we suggest that you check around online for some independent reviews, including on YouTube. Also, see our article, Can You Learn Spanish Just Using an App?

Please call or email us if you have questions.

Thank you!