Adult Small Group Classes

We generally schedule evening class sessions for adults four times a year. Each session consists of 10 classes, each 90+ minutes long. We meet once a week for 10 weeks. This spring we will have five levels from Beginning 1 to Advanced. This is our 59th group class session.
Descriptions of the different course levels

Our Spring Group Class Session is Underway

Our spring session of small group classes began the week of April 4-7 according to the following schedule. We have not yet scheduled the next session. Sign up for our SWC email list to get an email announcing the class session as soon as it is posted online. As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Classes are held online using Zoom live video conferencing, so we are face-to-face and highly interactive. Meet with us, socialize online and learn a new language in fun classes.

Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays
Apr 4 - Jun 13 Apr 5 - Jun 14 Apr 6 - Jun 15 Apr 7 - Jun 16
  Morning ==>> Advanced
(9:30-11:00 am)
Beginning 3
(5:30-7:00 pm)
Intermediate (5:30-7:00 pm) Beginning 2
(5:30-7:00 pm)
Beginning 1
(5:30-7:00 pm)
There will be no group classes during the week of May 9-12.

How to Register online classes

monasteryThese classes are personal. We keep class sizes small; our emphasis is on quality and class size is usually limited to 6 students. This maximizes your participation and allows us to adapt our teaching to fit with your personal interests (the best way to learn). You can't get this level of student-teacher interaction in bigger schools and universities. Many of our students tell us they tried a class elsewhere with 15 or more students and just didn't get much chance to speak. That won't happen here. We encourage you to register early as class space is limited and classes often fill up.

Prices: The cost per 10-class session is $270.
More Value: Smaller classes, taught by a native speaker, free audio MP3 recordings to go along with our textbook for beginners, free book loans for class reading, free password access to Recursos - our online learning resources for students (at For Our Students), multi-media classroom, with free wi-fi.

Books: Students taking a Beginning 1-3 class must also purchase a textbook: (cost about $20). We use the same book for all three beginning levels. Students taking the Intermediate class may need to order a book; current cost <$10. Students taking an Intermediate or Advanced class will need access to Netflix as classes will be working with Spanish language content from this service. You should plan to obtain a textbook on your own. We do have textbooks that students can purchase and pick up in-person.

If you wish to take a class, please first review the descriptions of our Courses. If you have questions, contact us by phone or email. We'll help you choose the right class and go over the details.

Learning a new language can be fun and rewarding. Our classes are enjoyable and you will find the time flies by. Our normal class schedule includes 90 minutes of instruction per week, which is less intensive than most university courses. This schedule is designed to accommodate adult students who are managing already busy schedules. That being said, students are expected to spend 1-2 hours weekly on homework involving reading and exercises. Simply stated, homework helps you assimilate the material we cover in class and is important to advancing each week.

Our classes are fun, and you will be speaking Spanish starting in the first class. While it is of course not possible to completely learn a language in one 15-hour session, you will make noticable progress as long as you try. Our sessions are designed to accommodate both new and continuing students. We think you will find the classes to be worth continuing for multiple sessions.

Speaking is the hardest part of learning a new language as a beginner, and the only way is practice, practice, practice. With our small classes, you'll get plenty of practice speaking as part of the instruction.

How to Register

We also offer private/customized instruction for adults.