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The best gift you can give your child.... a second language.

make a paymentWe offer personalized instruction for children, family groups or for friends who would like to bring their children together. If you are homeschooling your child, consider us for language education. We suggest that you contact us so we can discuss your specific needs and what we can offer. 

Natalia has an impressive ability to connect with young children. They truly enjoy the lessons, which is vital to effective learning at a young age. When it’s time to go, they don’t want to leave. I have fun here

"Natalia is one of those special people for whom teaching is an extraordinary talent and a calling - not a job - and we so appreciate the privilege of learning Spanish from her." - Bryce Breton

It is never too early for a child to learn a second language. Scientists speak about a “window of opportunity” for acquiring a second language that is associated with brain development. It is amazing to see how fast children pick up Spanish; they are truly sponges in this regard. You may be interested to read or listen to the story aired by National Public Radio, called Parents Begin Spanish Lessons with Toddlers. More articles are listed below.

We have found that it's best to expose children to a second language as often as possible, but for short periods of time. For effective learning, we ask that a parent accompany her/his child in the class. The parent continues the learning process at home and reinforces the lessons (for example, repeating vocabulary). The parent learns along with the child and we counsel the parent on what to do at home. This is a natural learning process and contributes to the parent-child relationship. For very young children, the parent's role is critical, and we guide parents in how and what to do at home.

Lessons with children are teaching through game-playing. They love it and it works. As a parent, you'll love it too.

Prices: The appropriate "class" length for children depends on the age but is typically about 45-60 minutes. A private parent-and-child class is $30.
For a parent with two children, the total class price is
    ▪ $30 total for both kids if one child is less than 6 months old (free)
    ▪ $45 total if one or both kids are 6 months to 3 years old
    ▪ $48 total if both kids are more than 3 years old
For a parent with three children, the total class price is $45-$63, depending on the ages of the children. Please contact us for pricing.

We plan for a 60-minute class, but the length of the lesson may vary within the 45-60 minute range, depending on the attention span of the child(ren) on the day of the lesson. Most kids are ok for 60 minutes.

Scheduling: Instruction is individualized to fit your needs, and so is scheduling. Each meeting is arranged according to mutually agreeable times. Most people prefer to set up a regular schedule, making changes as necessary for specific dates. Schedule adjustments provide flexibility and are usually confirmed meeting-to-meeting. Rescheduling is permitted with at least 24-hour advance notice.

Payment: For your first lesson, payment is due in advance by check, cash, or prior online payment so that we can reserve your time. After your first appointment, lessons must be purchased in advance in 6-lesson packages (exceptions on a case-by-case basis).

How to Register: After we confirm a workable schedule, please provide us with your registration information. You may register and pay online or by mail, but we cannot reserve your appointment until we receive your registration and payment. We ask that a parent or legal guardian register on behalf of children under age 18.

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We're serious about our instruction and your appointments and we hope you are too. Please read our Payment, Scheduling and Cancellation Policy.  

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Pricing reminder:
6-hour package with 1 child: $30 x 6 = $180; with 2: $45 x 6 = $270 or $48 x 6 = $288.

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In today’s world, learning a second language is more important than ever. Children who learn a second language have an advantage in school and later on in life as they begin their professional careers.

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