About Us

Spanish in Waterbury Center (SWC) is a small business specializing in the Spanish language, located in Waterbury Center, Vermont. Chances are that you've heard of us as we get a lot of referrals. We offer small classes and instruction for people of all ages who want to learn Spanish, including adults, students and children. Our goal is to provide a high quality and reasonably priced learning experience that meets or exceeds student expectations. Spanish in Waterbury Center has been operating since 2007. We enjoy fiestas with our students to give everyone a chance to celebrate their progress, have fun and practice their Spanish. No surprises: You’ll find out all about us, our services, our prices and our location right here on our website.

What makes us different?

Did you ever have one of those teachers in school that made you wish every teacher could be that way? Rediscover that learning experience with us.

Graciela coordinates course content and development. She teaches Spanish at the high schGracielaool and college levels. She holds a bachelor's degree in education and a master's degree in teaching Spanish as a second language. She also holds a teacher certificate from the State of Maine and is a member of the Foreign Language Association of Maine (FLAME). She is interested in the teaching of gifted and talented students, and the use of technology in the foreign language classroom. In the afternoons, she enjoys walking her dog "Pampa" or going to yoga and zumba sessions.

NataliaNatalia teaches the classes and develops course content. She is an engaging instructor who makes learning fun. She holds a bachelor's degree in education and taught previously in Argentina. Her language-related special interest is how second language learning improves brain development in young children, while helping to maintain mental acuity in seniors. Natalia enjoys gardening, watching movies, and traveling -- plus jogging and yoga. She loves animals but hates bugs.


Rod or “Rodrigo” is the business manager, in charge of accounting, marketing, and information technology. He holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees. His language-related special interest is how to improve learning through a better understanding of brain development and function for language. In his spare time, he enjoys skiing, ice hockey, mountain biking and whitewater kayaking.


Agustina Agustina assists on production of student resources and SWC creative materials, and online marketing. She holds a bachelor's degree in goods and services from Colegio Luis Federico Leloir and is currently studying toward a career as a dental assistant/mechanic. She enjoys teaching and finding alternative ways of conveying material so students achieve a thorough understanding. Agustina has a special interest in how learning a second language helps to both protect against the loss of mental acuity and delay the onset of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, that can come with age. She enjoys traveling, hiking, cross-country skiing, reading and spending time with family and friends.

We also have some native speakers help us out from time to time who are also great teachers!

Spanish in Waterbury Center is a member of the Vermont Foreign Language Association (VFLA).


Un gracias sin fin para nuestros queridos colaboradores:
~ Pablo Roldán
~ Germán Solórzano
~ Eva Fernández
~ Elisabet Ortiz

Spanish in Waterbury Center is registered with the Vermont Secretary of State.